Find out how a professional British male voice over can enhance an eLearning course

s we know, eLearning has become a popular way to train staff and customers in almost any industry.

From training employees on how to use industrial equipment to teaching Adobe Photoshop courses, as a British male voiceover artist, I have recorded hundreds of hours of eLearning narration and voiceovers in the last 8 years.

So it must be pretty popular!

Plugging in a professional British voiceover recording into your learning management system is no problem at all and straightforward.

Learning management systems such as the following all allow professional voiceover recordings to be added


Adobe Captivate


iSpring Learn

Talent LMS


Now, even though I’m a male British Voiceover artist, my recordings are used all over the word. It doesn’t seem to matter that my accent is British and not American for example. As having a professional record your eLearning voiceover is more important than accent in most cases.

As evidenced by how many times my British voiceover recordings are used around the world…even though I’m a British voiceover artist.

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