Working as a #voiceover artist is a great thing…

CD Voiceovers studio
CD Voiceovers studio

and I only just realised!

Let me explain, after many years working in corporates, I’ve now been
working full-time as a British English Male Voiceover Artist since 2012 and I
can’t really complain.

Yes, ok, I admit… my income isn’t exactly stable and every month is different.
Yes, some months are busier than others in terms of #voiceoverauditions and yes some clients are more demanding than others.

But, I just realised that out of all that uncertainty comes a career that is
real, tangible, measurable, fun and ultimately not as stressful as “real
life” 9-5 work.

I get to work with clients from all over the world and provide #voiceover
services for everything from #charity appeals to #eLearning and #commercials. I help my clients communicate their message effectively. I help my clients entertain their listeners and I help my clients help others to learn. That’s a fulfilling career in anybody’s book!

We’ve just had a long Easter weekend here in the UK so #voiceover work has been slow. Add in the start of a new financial year and the uncertainties
caused by #Brexit over the use of a British accent in the European #voiceover market and the result is the slowest April in 7 years!

But, you know what, even with of that uncertainty…I think that anyone
working on their own #selfemployed (or indeed any career that they are
ultimately the master of) at least doesn’t have to commute to work…deal with the stress of bosses and co-workers and the limitation of salaries/wages.

So that means that, at least, #voiceover allows me to choose who I work with and choose my own destiny…on a daily basis.

How many #auditions will I do today?

How many #voiceover jobs will I get today?

How can I help clients deliver their #voiceover projects on time.

How many new #voiceover clients will I speak to today?

Scarily, I can’t answer any of those questions!

But, you know what, I don’t mind…because at least my life is my own. And, as long as I continue to help my clients then being a British voiceover artist is the best job/career I could hope to do!

If you like the idea of chatting about your #voiceoverfuture get in touch!

Let’s grow together ?