eLearning and a professional British Voiceover Artist

eLearning and a professional British Voiceover Artist

Here are a few words of advice that may be of interest to you if you’re putting together an eLearning course. You may be wondering whether you need to use a professional voiceover artist – British or not – in your recordings…

A professional British voiceover artist is often something that’s required for eLearning initiatives today. In order for any type of training course to be successful, the selected British voiceover artist needs to be someone who can read in a rehearsed and dramatic way not just straight from the page in a dull monotone!

A professional British voiceover artist can communicate with eLearning students and establish more of a relationship than a non-professional narrator would just by being more engaging and less threatening – think of your favourite teacher and that’s who a good British voiceover artist should be trying to emulate.

If you are putting together a eLearning course, working with a professional British male voiceover artist can help to make sure that your company’s training is as effective as possible.
This would also allow your training to remain relevant for future generations of employees or students studying your course and ensuring that your ROI is covered.

Here are the main ways a professional British male voiceover artist working on your next eLearning project will enhance your eLearning class:

  1. A more professional result: if you are trying to sell your training program or present a professional outlook for your brand, having a greater sense of professionalism could help you to sell your eLearning programme or make sure your brand is regarded as something that’s professional.
  • 2. It establishes rapport: Someone that is recognised for their ability to communicate and connect with an audience can often lead to a rapport in a training programme. Think back to your schooldays, we often remember the teachers that were best able to connect with us and they were often great speakers. Having a British eLearning voiceover artist that could connect with your audience and establish the same rapport can be important.
  • 3. No information will be missed. A quality voiceover artist will use professional technology and editing meaning that the audio will be very clear in your ELearning video. I use Adobe Audtion, Focusrite Preamps and a Neuman TLM103 microphone in my professional voiceover studio.

So rather than having audio that cuts in and out or words that could be missed throughout your training programme due to poor recording, you can have the full presentation presented in the video without the chance that info could be missed.

It’s well-rehearsed; when a client sends me a script, as a professional British voiceover artist, I make sure that I go through the script before recording. Meaning that I create a well-rehearsed voiceover that sounds good and doesn’t leave the listener wondering what I’m talking about!

Finally, try not to make the mistake of recording the audio yourself; it can be surprisingly difficult to record a voiceover yourself when you have little voiceover experience and don’t have the professional studio, kit or experience needed to edit a first class recording.

If you are interested in using a professional British voiceover artist in your eLearning video, contact me today at chris@cdvoiceovers.com