The Avocado Tree audiobook – narrated by Chris Dabbs

The Avocado Tree audiobook – narrated by Chris Dabbs

Do you want to retire early? Is financial freedom important to you-along with health and happiness? Yes? Then this is a must-listen.

Following the successful release of The Avocado Tree in South Africa, Tony Bennett brings his story and blueprint for success to the international market. Bennett’s fresh and funny memoir, The Avocado Tree, follows him from a working-class childhood to the fulfilment of his personal dream: a comfortable early retirement at age 50.

This wasn’t the result of chance or a lucky win on the horses: Tony planned for it, and so can you.

The Avocado Tree is brimming with charm and sound sense. Tony compares the coincidental nurturing and abundant fruit borne by the family avocado tree, to his financial and family-success. Ever practical and always generous (with a dash of dodgy humour and a splash of wine), he unveils his ‘Theories’: 17 maxims to follow for financial stability, health and happiness, and for the satisfactions of a life well lived.

A must listen!

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