So you want to be a Voiceover Artist, Voice Actor, Voice-over Artist or even an Audiobook Narrator

So you want to be a Voiceover Artist

Ok, so you’re thinking of getting started in the voiceover industry…

The voiceover industry is a big bubbling cauldron of auditions, 
TV ads, TV continuity announcements,  radio imaging, radio ads, explainer videos, 
mood films, image films, lip-synching, 
audio dubbing, ADR, audiobooks, radio drama, 
videogames – ah the list goes on and on!

So, as you can imagine, the voiceover industry can be a very demanding place.
There’s a lot of competition out there all the way from famous actors plying their voiceover trade through the fabled Voice Over Agent through to people recording in a low tech way on their phones or even on their gaming headsets.

But, you shouldn’t let the existence of competition stop you from moving forward with any voice acting or voiceover ambitions that you might have. It shouldn’t matter to you if there are hundreds or even thousands of voiceover artists all posting their auditions on Voices. com, Voice123 or any of the other online auditioning systems.

Why? Because you have the one key asset that the other voice actors do not have; your voice, your talent, your passion, your skills, your attention to detail, your desire to have your voice recognised on TV, radio or online – basically you are you and no-one else has that advantage!

  • So how do you get ahead in this crowded, busy and technically demanding industry?
  • How can you put your actings skills, your great voice and your ambition to work?
  • How can you leave that job and concentrate on voice acting as a full-time income source?
  • Ditch the boss. Ditch the commute. Ditch the uncertainty.

So how do you move forward with your voiceover career? What steps do you need to take to get closer to narrating your first audiobook? How about getting closer to having your family recognise your voice on TV?

Well, you could pay to take yet another voiceover webinar. Or, you could subscribe to another online distance learning course.
You could even decide to be trained by one of the great voiceover coaches that seem to be everywhere these days.

But, how do you know which online training system will actually help you? Which webinar will be worth revisiting? Or, which voiceover guru will be worth paying?

If you want my opinion (and I guess you wouldn’t mind hearing it as you’re still here!) I would try and do all of these things. Yes, I’m not kidding!

Attend as many online workshops, seminars, webinars and online courses as you possibly can.
None of the time you invest in your voiceover career will be wasted.
You’ll learn all sorts of technical fundamentals that you’ll need later in your voice acting journey.
After all, you’ll need to know your DAWs from your capsules and your gates from your XLRs. So, online courses are a great place to start.
Also, don’t forget to check out YouTube for some voiceover guru wisdom! There is a wealth of knowledge out there that kind-hearted folks have shared.
If you’re looking for a recommendation, I’d love to give just one guru a big shout…make sure you check out Bill DeWees. I’m not affiliated with Bill in any way, but I think his videos would give you a fantastic basis to build your voiceover career.

And when you have done all that…get in touch with me.

I’ll hold your hand, I’ll guide you. I’ll more than just show you the way through the VO minefield.
I’ll make sure you are not just left to fend for yourself.

Come donw to my studio and see how a full-time voiceover artist works on a daily basis.

Learn the technical tips and tricks that will make Adobe Audition simple.

Recording an audition – part of the voiceover
training you’ll receive.