Office Idiot Reviews audiobook – Narrated by Chris Dabbs

There are all sorts of idiots we have to work with every day. Every office has them. Fortunately for most of us idiots in the workplace are few and far between. However, Hogsbottom Plugs, “the home of bath plugs”, has a higher concentration than other workplaces – from the MD down to the cleaner, they’re all idiots. Hear the trials and tribulations of this idiotic workforce as they explain their recent life events through reviews of things they’ve brought. There’s Donald, who try as hard as does simply cannot get the office junior to notice him, let alone drink some of his special, sleeping-tablet-laden tea. Learn how Jeff gets his own back on the people who mock him by re-enacting a video he saw on YouTube involving seagulls and watch on in horror as the overworked cleaner tries to solve the mystery of who is making his job of cleaning the toilets worse than a job cleaning toilets is already. If you’ve ever worked in an office, then this is the book for you. You’ll recognize the office sex pest, the liar and the moaning admin worker who’s been there longer than the chairs. Written in the form of product reviews, The Office Idiot Reviews is the second in the series of Idiot Review Books from Pete Sortwell.

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